• Signs for Schools: Inform, Guide, Be Proud
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    Posted on: September 27, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    There are a lot of facilities and businesses that can benefit from decent signage. Schools are a great example of a facility that can get great use from their signs. From their ability to let people know what?s going to simply displaying a bit of pride in your school, signs are a great option.


    One of the most obvious reasons for schools to use signs is their ability to inform. There are very few organizations that have as many projects, clubs, outings, and other events as schools. Some of those events are likely to be open to the public to raise funds or increase the feeling of community in the areas where the school is located. From bake sales to school plays to open houses and homecomings, the right signage can be incredibly useful in letting people, students, parents, and community members alike, know about interesting events happening at the school.


    Another great reason for schools to use signs is their ability to guide people. Wayfinding sings are common in a lot of places. These signs make sure people can easily find their way around facilities. Particularly in larger schools, wayfinding signs can help new students find classrooms, offices, or important areas in the school. They can also help guide visitors and parents who may be visiting the school for events. Signs can also easily identify important areas in the school for visually impaired individuals.

    Outdoor Signs for Peak Expeditionary School | ARVADA CO

    Be Proud

    Perhaps the most fun use of signage in a school is to show school pride. A logo and a name can go a long way to inspire students, alumni, teachers, parents, and community members to be proud of local schools, the cornerstone of society. There?s nothing like looking up and feeling that swell in your chest, seeing a proud display featuring your alma mater. And current students can learn to appreciate the school and its purpose, inspired by powerful signage.

    Signs for You

    If you?re looking for signs for a school or other facility, GraphicWorks can help. Our expert team has worked with local schools in the past to create and install some really cool signs. Contact us today for your signage needs!