• Signs for Schools in the Denver Metro Area
    Posted on: March 27, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    From exterior building signs to restroom markers and directories, adequate signage is a must for schools. This is especially true when you have a sprawling campus with several buildings. Fortunately, Graphicworks Sign Company is one of the premier suppliers of signs for schools in the Denver Metro Area. Let?s look at what options are available.

    Why Signs Are Important for Schools

    signs for schools in the Denver Metro AreaThere are three basic functions that are fulfilled by signs for private, charter, and public schools:

    1. Informing ? Signs must make wayfinding simple for teachers, students, guests, and parents on the exterior and interior. Other informative markers explain the building?s history, displays, and other facts relevant to attendees.
    2. Branding ? This is important for any school. For instance, one expression of branding is your school mascot. Others are your choices of symbols and colors.
    3. Advertising ? One way to fill classrooms is to make your school?s presence known. Parents may look for other schools for their kids if they do not notice that you are right down the street.

    Share Your Message with the Community Using LED Monument Signs

    signs for schools in the Denver Metro AreaSchools have only recently discovered the benefits of LED readerboards. It is supplanting the manual readerboards with physical letters as the preferred way to share information with passersby. Most monument signs with LED displays are installed on a pole or on the ground. Updating your message is as easy as pulling up the program on your personal computer and typing out what you want to say.

    Wayfinding Signs for All Ages

    signs for schools in the Denver Metro AreaThe signs you use in a college or high school setting are different from the ones you need for the youngest learners. Symbols and images are a big part of signs for children who cannot read yet. Plus, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires all emergency directions, room labels, and similar markers to have color contrasts and Braille II dots, and they must comply with touchable element rules. Additionally, there are precise regulations that govern mounting heights and locations.

    Brand and Inform with Room Identification Signs

    signs for schools in the Denver Metro AreaDisplay the room numbers and names of faculty members with room ID signs. These markers are slightly different from the room label signs that are required by the ADA. You do not have to follow the ADA when you are just displaying a teacher?s name. Administrators like the idea of branding with these markers for this reason. When you incorporate your mascot and school colors, you also add a degree of authority to your signs.

    Where to Get Your School Signs

    Call our professionals to discuss your signage needs. We are more than happy to come out and perform a site evaluation if you want to update your ADA markers. Upon surveying your facilities, we can then make recommendations for what specific products your organization needs. We can also help if you are outfitting a venue with signs for the first time or just what to upgrade what you currently have.

    For a free consultation on signs for schools in the Denver Metro Area, contact the friendly experts at Graphicworks Sign Company today!

    signs for schools in the Denver Metro Area