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    Posted on: June 13, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    In signage, you might choose from a wide variety of tools: pylon signs, A-frames, vehicle vinyl wraps, and the like. However, everyone must understand this one important thing: What you display using signage is always more important than the kind of signage you use.

    You might have a great pylon sign just beside your store on the highway. However, if it fails to attract customers, it is of negligible use. Hence, it is extremely important to focus on the right sign design for your store.

    Here are some basic tips to help you out.

    1. Use the Right Colors and Graphics

    Colors can make or break your signage. Light colors on a white background will never create adequate contrast and people usually fail to notice them. On the other hand, rich colors and textures can help create a great first impression.?

    Graphics, similarly, help improve communication with the target audience by reinforcing written messages. For example, crossing out a cigarette beside a non-smoking sign. They can also help in broadcasting messages without using too much space.?

    1. Make Proper Use of Fonts

    Anyone who has spent a reasonable amount of time creating signage designs would tell you the unending importance of choosing the right fonts. The best signs use one or at max, two fonts. If one goes for more than that, he risks confusing the audience and taking the visual appeal away from the signage.

    Also, fonts can help build store personality. For example, a law firm might use formal bold fonts while a beachside store would use funky fonts. On the other hand, wedding stores would be best served by using elegantly written signs.

    As such, fonts can help in creating the right impression in the minds of the target audience.

    1. Use Appropriate Material?

    Often, people overlook the quality and nature of the material being used for signs. Signage material is significant from two perspectives: economy and brand image.

    In terms of economy, signages made of sturdy materials tends to last much longer. Also, tough outdoor signs are able to withstand strong winds, rain, etc.

    Signage material also has a bearing on the brand image. For example, the usage of cheap plastic material can create a negative impression. On the other hand, working with fine wood material would reflect positively on the store as a whole.

    Professional Service

    Signage designs play a crucial role in increasing the visual appeal of your store. Hence, they must be chosen with utmost care.

    If you need help in creating an awesome sign design for your business, check it out with our team at GraphicWorks. Together, we can design signage worthy of your store.