• The Benefits of Channel Letter Signs
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    Posted on: April 19, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    It?s important for you to identify your business location to potential clients and customers. And this may sound easy, but it?s more complicated than you may realize. You can?t just buy some plywood and paint your name and an arrow on it. Well? you could do that, but you may not have many people responding to that kind of sign. What people do respond to is versatile, sleek, professional, and highly-visible signage that grabs attention. And that?s exactly what you get with channel letters on your building.

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    Even if you?re not sure what channel letter signage is, you?ve definitely seen it before. Most major retailers, restaurants, and businesses use this type of signage on their buildings. It?s a great type of display for adding a bit of branding to the outside of your space. These signs are often lit up, making them ideal for places that don?t lockup as the sun sets. And because these signs are fairly simple, usually a combination of aluminum sides, an acrylic face (of any color), and LED lighting, they can be made to match your style and your brand. So, almost any business can make use of these signs. This makes them a highly versatile type of signage, able to capture your unique brand and display it in a way that lets people know where to find you.


    Along with their versatility, there?s another reason many businesses opt for channel letter signs; they look good. These signs have a professional quality but can also look pretty cool. Especially with the color options and lighting options available. You can have any color you?d like for these signs, meaning you can go for something bright or even multicolored, or something more serious and monotone. And you can choose from open-face, reverse-lit, or backlit signs that will give your display a specific look. Combine this with a sleek look and you have the perfect signage for any business.

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    Channel letter signs also demand that people look. With the colors and interesting lighting, they really are eye-catching displays. And this is exactly what you want in your outdoor signage. You want people to stop and take a look at your name. Whether they?re looking for you or wondering what it is you do, these signs can pique interest and make people aware of your location. They can also be a sign that your business is open and ready to welcome those who stop in.

    Channel letter signs are a great option for your business, and Graphicworks can help you design and install this type of signage. So, contact us today to discuss what channel letter signs can do for your business.