• Think BIG When Considering a Business Sign!
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    Posted on: February 15, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    When designing business signage, one element that is overlooked by many is the text size. The letter height is an essential aspect as it defines the distance from where a client can see your message. If the letters are too big, they can turn off the market, and if they are too small, you may fail to reach the targeted audience. Font size and style should not be assumed as well.

    Below are some important things to check when designing a sign for your business.?

    The Height of the Letters?

    To determine how big the text should be, consider how far you want the message to be seen. Based on designers, you need to increase the font size by one inch after every ten feet. So, if you target people from 300 feet away, make the font size 30 inches high.?

    The Font Color?

    When designing a brand image, color is an important element to potential customers. Apart from the text size, how you present the text and the background color matters a lot. The general rule is that if you are planning to use dark colors for the text, use a light color for the background, or dark background with light colored letters.?

    The Font Type?

    You need a font type that is easy on your customer?s eyes, and one with which they can absorb the message quickly. Even though most people are tempted to use curly and fancy font types, it is essential to note that the primary aim of a sign is to inform and announce. Your potential customers need to understand what you are saying.

    Though it’s not a bad idea to use unique and stylish fonts on your business sign to make it beautiful, ensure you use the right text size and well-contrasted colors. Also, make sure the sign is readable and visible.?

    The main aim of letter sizing is to hand over the message to the target market successfully. The above-mentioned points and strategies need to be applied all the time.

    Contact the Pros.

    If you’re not sure of the best font type, location, font color, and letter height engage an expert. Sign design professionals such as GraphicWorks Sign Company can assist you to come up with numerous options to benefit your company’s goals. Contact us.