• Three Tips for Using Window Privacy Film
    Posted on: August 10, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Businesses everywhere, from small medical practices to larger companies, can benefit from the use of window privacy film. This form of interior signage is great for encouraging discretion and confidentiality. You can utilize it in a variety of circumstances, from placing the film on the inside of your exterior windows or putting it on interior panes. Let?s look at a few ways you can use vinyl privacy film.

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    Use in Offices

    If you are an executive, or even just someone lucky enough to have your own office, you probably require some degree of privacy at least some of the time. But if your office is surrounded by clear glass windows, that can be difficult to achieve. With window privacy film, you can cover your office windows completely or partially–whichever works best for you. Full coverage would be good for an upper-level executive who wants an air of prestige and discretion, which the partial window covering could be a nice choice for those who want some idea of what?s going on outside their private office.

    Use for Billing Areas

    Medical practices especially can benefit from vinyl privacy film. Think about the medical billing and processing area of your doctor?s office. Now, imagine it without any privacy. That wouldn?t make patients or employees feel very secure, would it? This is where the privacy film can come into play. Place it on the windows, either interior or exterior, of the billing office. It will allow some light to come through, so the office isn?t dark and gloomy, but will also make patients feel more confident about disclosing confidential information that the medical billing assistant may need.

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    Use to Brand Your Business

    While the first two examples involve using window privacy film for, well, privacy purposes, you can also use it to brand your company. Design your privacy film with your logo and contact information on it, then place it over your exterior windows. This will allow for discreet dealings while also letting people know who you are and what you?re all about. The vinyl is easy to stick on your windowpanes, and just as easy to remove.

    Get Window Privacy Film for Your Small Business

    As you can see, using window privacy film doesn?t have to be hard. You can use it for both privacy purposes as well as branding, making it a great choice for many businesses. When you?re ready to order some, get in touch with Graphicworks Sign Company. We are your signage source. Contact us today for a free quote.

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