• Tips For Designing Signage That Every Business Owner Should Know
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    Posted on: February 08, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    The business signage is an important part of every firm?s marketing strategy. It is the single most useful part of branding and contributes greatly to business visibility. A lot of business owners, unfortunately, make huge mistakes when designing it. Poor designs lead to low business and non-performance.

    To ensure better revenues, you must design your business signs appropriately. Here are some of the best tips for designing signage that every business owner should know.

    Design Simplicity

    When you are designing a great sign that attracts customers, simplicity should be at the core of the design. Great designs should only be done to pass a particular message to customers. This is why they must be simple and straight to the point. Incorporating complex elements in signage can complicate the message and lead to obscurity and miscommunication. A good sign, for instance, should thus only cover the important elements of the business that are indispensable.

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    Size and Location Considerations

    The size and location of a business sign are crucial to its effectiveness and are a core part of the design. Most signs are usually placed in an area where there is a lot of surrounding clutter and obstructions. For the sign to be effective, therefore, the important bits to consider in terms of size and location are:

    1. That the sign is visible from a preferable distance.
    2. That the sign is located in a high traffic area.

    There are indeed other issues relevant to the positioning of the sign which can affect the visibility of your business. Issues that pertain to local regulations on signage should be factored in to ensure the security of the final design.


    As a general rule, bright colors are always the best for signage visibility. The color scheme used for your signs should thus be in tune with this rule. Color is also a big part of branding. It is thus not wise to overlook your branding when considering the color scheme. The best solution for any situation is to choose the bright colors for the sign that also most closely resemble your brand’s colors.

    There are other important issues like typography, contrast, and material that can be considered when designing signage. The most important bits are nevertheless the ones covered above. Depending on the specific needs of every business, a few adjustments can be made to ensure maximum effectiveness of signage. The core aspects of successful signage, however, remain the same.?

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