• Trends in Vinyl Vehicle Graphics for 2018
    Posted on: May 30, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Vinyl vehicle graphics have been used by many businesses to increase the popularity of their brands and advertise their products. People with personal cars looking to give them a personal touch have also benefited from using graphics.

    Like any other field, the vinyl vehicle wrapping industry is dynamic and keeps changing. Be informed about the latest trends and apply them to your vehicles for the best results. If it is trending right now, it is because it is effective at passing the message.

    What are the latest trends in vinyl vehicle graphics in 2018?

    Classic Symbols On Modern Cars

    With big names in the industry applying classic graphics to their new models, it’s no wonder that the trend is catching on and many businesses now want vinyl vehicle graphics with classic symbols. One that is really on demand right now is the tribal vinyl graphic. Seen in the Ford Focus, many people are now requesting to have it placed on their cars.

    Other vinyl graphics currently trending are retro race stripes and stickered muscle cars. All these can be customized and made in the colors preferred by the car owner.

    Use of Color Shifting Wraps

    Single color wraps are so last year. In 2018 people are embracing color shifting wraps. These are available in matte and gloss finishes. Matte is fast becoming the texture of choice because it adds elegance to a car without making it appear too shiny. With this color shifting feature, your vehicle will look like it has received a multi-tone paint job except this option is cheaper.

    Affordable Carbon Fiber Accents And Other Textures

    Carbon fiber is applied widely in race cars but is very expensive. The great looks it achieves, however, cannot be overlooked and many drivers want to have that on their cars. If you are one of them, you will love this new trend — the use of vinyl carbon fiber accents.

    These accents look just like carbon fiber but they are made of the affordable vinyl material. They can be placed in the parts that you want. You can now turn your car into that dream race car at just a fraction of the cost.

    Carbon fiber is not the only texture that is trending right now. If you don’t like carbon fiber, there are many other trending textures right now. The options include riveted steel, wood grain, brushed metal, leather, and others. Using textured vinyl wraps creates a texture that would have been expensive to attain without having to spend too much.

    Why Should You Consider Using Vinyl Vehicle Graphics?

    • It protects the car?s body from scratches and pollutants.
    • You can customize your car without affecting its resale value (repainting lowers the resale value).
    • It is cheap.

    Ready to apply that trendy vinyl vehicle wrap with graphics on your car? Get in touch with GraphicWorks Sign Company today and they will customize your vehicle perfectly.