• Turn Your Company Vehicle Into a Rolling Advertisement
    Posted on: April 25, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Whether you’re looking at the ads playing at the fuel pump, in the restroom or on your phone, ads are literally everywhere. Best of all, now they are covering even cars. As advertisers are striving to reach their target market, a car wrap is increasingly gaining popularity. According to statistics:

    • Car wraps can generate even up to 70,000 impressions per year.
    • One of the most effective forms of advertising is mobile advertising.
    • Mobile advertising will easily reach those who are not exposed to television or newspaper.
    • 30% of consumers usually base their decisions based on the ads they see.

    Here is why you need to turn your company vehicle into a rolling advertisement with a vehicle wrap.

    Even when the car is parked, there is enough exposure

    When it comes to car wraps, you don?t even need to be driving around to expose your brand. It?s basically a free advertising. If you know how to park well, your brand will be clearly visible to everybody.

    Everyone in traffic will see your brand

    If you have a professional looking brand, many people will turn to see it. Even those who are walking on the road will notice your brand. When you want to expose your brand within a short period, then this is the best way to do it. The more time you spend driving your company car, the more work you will do.

    It?s cost-effective and permanent

    It?s obvious that vehicle wraps yields excellent ROI. In addition, you don?t have to part with more money or get a new contract. Once you?ve installed a vehicle wrap on your car, it will remain there until you decide to remove it. More so, you don?t have to overhaul your car. If you don?t want a full wrap, you can opt for a half wrap.

    Overall, vehicle wraps will reach commuters on the city streets, highway and parking lots thereby making every traffic jam a very good marketing opportunity.

    If you want to turn your company car into a rolling advertisement, just give us a call at GraphicWorks Sign Company.