• Types of Electrical Cabinet Signs for the Denver Metro Area
    Posted on: March 03, 2017
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Sure, channel letter signs are a popular option for most storefronts. However, if you are looking for an illuminated marker with more versatility in its display options, you would be hard-pressed to find a better solution than electrical cabinet signs for the Denver metro area. Below, we will look at some of the?ways you can use the different types of cabinet markers.

    What Are Electrical Cabinet Signs?

    Electrical Cabinet Signs for the Denver Metro AreaAlso referred to as lightbox cabinets, electrical cabinet signs have a similar construction process to channel letter signs. Our professionals form the cabinet to match your logo or any other shape. Some organizations prefer to just use a rectangular cabinet, while others like to get a little wild.

    LED lighting is incorporated into the design. We close the back with aluminum and the front has a polycarbonate facing if the marker is single-sided. On the other hand, both sides have polycarbonate faces when you want a double-sided presentation. There are pan-faced and flat panels. Your graphics are added using a vinyl overlay, embossing a pan-faced product and painting the 3D designs, or directly imprinting the material.

    Electrical Cabinet Sign Styles

    Electrical Cabinet Signs for the Denver Metro AreaHere are a few ways that your company can use electrical cabinet signs?on the exterior of your venue:

    Building Signs ? The size of the facing of lightbox cabinets allows business owners to communicate more than just their logo and name. They are able to use their cabinet to showcase a tagline, professional affiliation, phone number, and a founding date. This makes it possible for them to heighten consumer engagement.

    Combination Signs ? We typically make a lightbox cabinet to represent the logo when designing channel letter signs. In some instance, we are able to combine the cabinet as a backdrop for a set of channel letters mounted to its facing.

    Pylon Signs ? If your building sits back from the street where a building sign would be hard to see, a pylon sign may be in order. A pylon sign is like a monument sign only it stands tall and can be seen from great distances.

    Monument Signs ? Grab the attention of motorists after dark as well as early in the morning with an illuminated monument cabinet. A single-sided cabinet will suffice on one-way streets, while you will want a double-sided marker when traffic is coming from both directions.

    What Businesses Can Benefit from Electrical Cabinet Signs?

    Electrical Cabinet Signs for the Denver Metro AreaThis sign product has a universal appeal. It is the perfect choice for banks and credit unions, car dealerships, schools, eateries, and a wide array of other organization types. It is ideal for big and small enterprises alike since it is possible to customize the shape and overall look of the sign. Our customers like to use cabinets as a monument sign as well as a building sign in some cases. You can build your brand recognition among your target demographic with this repetitive presentation.

    Have we piqued your interest in installing electrical cabinet signs for the Denver metro area? If so, contact the friendly experts at Graphicworks Sign Company today for a free quote.

    Electrical Cabinet Signs for the Denver Metro Area