• Types of Signage No Retailer Can Afford to Ignore
    Posted on: October 13, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    In retail, every small detail matters. We should make use of all the available tools if we want to reach success. It’s already proven that a good signage system can boost your sales levels and let you attract more customers toward your business. Still, if you want to drive a relevant traffic, you will need the right signage system.

    In the following, we will present you some types of signage that are ideal for retail and will boost the visibility of your business.

    1. Outdoor Signs.

    Outdoor signage is one of the oldest marketing instruments, being used for over one hundred years. This type of signs is still effective, and if properly used, can bring you the right clientele. They serve to inform any bystander about your business, explaining what are you selling and what makes you unique. Also, you can use them to present your newest promotions or discounts in a simple, but an expressive way.

    Outdoor signs can take many shapes. Some of them are:

    • awnings
    • window signs
    • sidewalk signs
    • entrance signs.

    Just choose a model that fits your business profile and place it in a visible spot to draw as much traffic as possible.

    1. Interior Signs.

    Just because clients entered your store, it doesn’t mean that you should stop promoting your products.

    If you own a big store, your potential clients can easily get lost or have troubles in finding their needed products. To fix this, you will need some expressive, well placed interior signs.

    Interior signage will guide the customers through the store, pointing them to their needed departments. Also, interior signage can be used to highlight certain promotions, discounts or facilities that your store offers.

    The informational signs will ensure a good shopping experience for your clients, increasing their comfort and allowing them to be more organized. This will be great for the business, as the client will be able to check a wider variety of products in a shorter time.

    1. Persuasive Signs.

    This type of signage can be considered an advertising tool, but it can also have an informational purpose. These signs can be used to guide the customer into buying certain products through appealing images or texts. They can also be used to present a certain discount, being more explicit than an outdoor sign.

    Many entrepreneurs use persuasive signage for those products that are harder to notice or difficult to sell. Remember that when it comes to persuasive signage, their placement and content are equally important. The clients should notice the sign easily, but also be attracted to it because of its appealing images or a relevant text.

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    Since we are living in a very competitive business environment, brand exposure and customer care have never been more important. That’s why it’s crucial to make use of the signage productively, ensuring the comfort of your customers and a higher visibility for your brand.

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