• Updating Your Signage is Necessary to Success
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    Posted on: October 31, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Have you ever seen a business that clearly hasn?t changed its look in a very long time? Maybe it was a dentist?s office with brown carpet that clearly hadn?t been changed since the mid-eighties. Or maybe it was a local mom and pop shop that hadn?t updated their storefront display since you were a child. The problem with maintaining the exact same look for years, or even generations, is that your branding ? your colors, fonts, logos ? will start to look flat, faded and outdated. You should ? of course ? maintain your brand, but updating your signage and displays is necessary to look current, fresh and successful.

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    A Recent Project

    Your brand should always be familiar, but that doesn?t mean you should have the same signage you?ve had since 1992. Not only will your sign?s colors have faded, but the actual style of your signage may not be doing you any favors. People like to see updated signage because it?s a good indicator of a thriving, modern business. Recently, we were lucky to work with BKM Management Company, which manages multi-tenant industrial properties in Arizona, California, Nevada, Washington, and locally in Colorado. BKM wanted to refresh one of their Denver properties with updated painting, landscaping, and new signage.

    This kind of refresh can make a major difference in the way people perceive your business. A modern but familiar look is inviting. In the case of BKM?s property, we installed some interesting, branded signs for several businesses on the property. The signs combined the different colors of the building itself, which make the businesses easy to find in the complex, with the branding of the businesses that used the spaces. This led to some really interesting signs that really stand out and easily identify the businesses that they identify.

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    Refreshing Your Signage

    You?d be surprised to see how many familiar brands get facelifts. From fast-food chains to major retailers, some of the most visually recognizable brands have capitalized on maintaining the most familiar parts of their brand while revitalizing their look with sharper logos, modern interiors, and better signage. Whether that updated signage is just adding a bit of lighting, or a total rework of your logo, GraphicWorks can help you.

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