• Use Vinyl Decals to Advertise School Events
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    Posted on: August 24, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Kids everywhere will be heading back to school soon. With the return of the academic year comes events related to the school, such as sports games and homecoming. You might be wondering how to best raise awareness of these different events. While you could use a banner or yard sign to showcase an upcoming school dance or band concert, there?s another option. Vinyl decals are a unique and easy-to-use alternative to other forms of temporary signage. They look fantastic applied to a wall, window or even a car, making them an obviously versatile choice. Learn more about how to use this easily applied and simple to customize type of sign.

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    Use for Sporting Events

    Got a great basketball team that?s got an upcoming playoff game? Use a few vinyl decals to show off how talented they are. You can design them with drawings of your school mascot on them and include your team?s colors for an extra morale boost. Stick them on the walls of your gym, or hand them out to parents to place on their cars or SUVs. They will feel proud of their kids? accomplishments and will want to show them off with the decals.

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    Use for Homecoming

    If your high school celebrates homecoming, and it probably does, use your custom vinyl decals to advertise the various events for that week or weekend. Got that big football game coming up? Show everyone how proud you are of the team by sticking some decals on the windows of your school. You could also sell these temporary event signs to alumni associations so that they can hand them out to all the people who have attended your school. They can stick them on their vehicle for a show of school pride.

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    How to Customize

    Vinyl decals are easy to customize. You can design and install them for less than it would cost for a more permanent sign, and they look just as professional and stylish. Use your school colors on them, and put your mascot on the decals as well. You can even add an inspirational message or two if you have room.

    Get Vinyl Decals for Your School

    As you can see, there are more than a few ways that schools can benefit from installing vinyl decals. They?ve convenient and flexible, making them an ideal form of temporary signage. If you?re ready to order custom vinyl decals for your school, get in touch with Graphicworks Sign Company. Contact us today for a free quote.

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