• Using Printed Vinyl Decals in a School
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    Posted on: April 24, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Vinyl decals are most often used for brand promotion but they can also be used to promote school spirit. Our decals can be made with any colors and die cut into any shape, making it easy to make stickers of the school name, mascot, or other related imagery or text. With so many options, it?s easy to customize each order to the specifications of each use.

    At our locally owned one-stop sign shop, we can create a file for your school that we continually refer to as you need more decals for different events. This helps keep decals consistent while keeping the freedom to customize per event or usage.

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    Create a Mural

    Creating a mural in a classroom doesn?t have to be a messy endeavor. Using individually printed vinyl decals, everyone in the classroom can make their mark without leading to a huge cleanup. Setting up a wall graphic as a base can be a great start. This can set the stage, such as an underwater mural or a picture of the school.

    Then the kids can customize it by each adding their own decal wherever they want it to go. This will express creativity and help the kids work together on a project, or decide to strike out in their own individuality. Even better, they?ll be able to look at the mural they helped create all year.


    Rather than having a bake sale, which can be time-consuming and require a lot of volunteers, selling merchandise for the school can promote school spirit and make fundraising easier. Simply order the design in bulk and set up a table to sell them at sports events or other school functions.

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    Field Day Prizes

    Field day is a fun day for students. They get to be outside and get physical, leading to a much happier student body. Giving prizes for their work can be great but can also be expensive. These decals are like stickers and will be fun for the kids but will also stay on a budget for the school.

    PTA Giveaways

    Getting parents to volunteer can be difficult. For the ones that do volunteer, these decals can be a small token to show appreciation for their efforts while also spreading school pride. There are also options in vehicle decals so the parents of kids can show off where their child attends school.

    Need help getting started? Contact us today to have a member of our staff guide you through the simple process and let you know what files we need for your next project.