• Vehicle Wrapping Done Right: Things to Consider Before Starting
    Posted on: January 23, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Car wraps have been statistically proven to be effective at leveraging various businesses in marketing or advertising matters. The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement tallies around 30,000 to 70,000 impressions for the average wrapped vehicle ? a considerable, if not impressive, a number of long-term investments.

    Vehicle wrapping is known to be more cost-effective, which is why it?s often a staple for companies when it comes to spreading the word or promoting a new idea. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America indicates that vehicle graphics are more capable of increasing brand recognition almost up to 15 times over other marketing methods.

    So, suppose you?re already convinced that car wraps are worth your investment. You need to know that car wrapping involves proper planning for it to work well for you.


    Like any other marketing method, vehicle wrapping requires a thorough outline of concept and execution. From the tangible design of the car or trailer to the eventual removal of the wrap, here is the list of aspects to check and plan for:

    Prior Costs

    Even if your aim for generating impressions is already well defined, checking into all your possible costs should be among your top priorities. The average fully wrapped van is estimated to be around $3,800 ? this already covers production, installation, and of course, design. Listing your costs will work as an anti-shocker and will help you move on to the next stage.

    Brand Maintenance

    Wrapping should be able to strengthen what your brand stands or is known for. The more consistent you are with your design and copy, the more appealing your brand is to audiences.

    Familiarizing the Car Wrapping Process

    Knowing the process beforehand will help you prepare for the materials and services that are needed. A vehicle wrap works well as protection from gradual degradation, too, so it?s best to decide if you?re going for a full or a partial wrap. Oftentimes, a full wrap is preferred.

    How Long the Wrap Will Last

    The scale and scope of your car wrapping ventures should also include the details of the vehicle type and number you plan to deploy. Premium vinyl applied to new cars usually lasts up to more than 5 years, while older vehicles may need to be oxidized before they can be wrapped. Defects, paint scratches, chips, and rust also need to be addressed.

    Hiring the Right Team Or Car Wrap Vendor

    Most companies hire vendors to execute the process since they can naturally perform the job better and can provide advice for maintenance. Find a reputable, well-proofed team for the execution stage of your plan, or get help from outsourcing.

    Last Things to Consider

    Your wrapped vehicles will undoubtedly generate the results you desire, but they will need to be renewed or reinforced especially if you?re transitioning into a new creative venture, process or service. Removing the wrap will cost additional money, so make sure you add it to the costs of rewrapping. For applied premium vinyl, the wrap can be easily and readily removed if you?re rewrapping within the warranty period.

    GraphicWorks Gets the Job Done

    Going through the design phase of your wrapping venture can be difficult, so it?s always a sound decision to hire a specialist. As mentioned before, the values that your brand stands for should always be effectively conveyed.

    To minimize the trouble of going into the design aspects, our professional team at GraphicWorks Sign Company is ready to help. Contact us for free advice or queries!