• Vinyl Banners: Be True to Your School
    Posted on: May 19, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    No matter how old you get, you?ll always have some pride in your school. Where you went to school says something about you and becomes an integral part of your future. School plays a big part in our lives. So, when it?s time for a class reunion, homecoming, or school sports event, there?s always that pride and nostalgia alumnae feel. Because people are proud of their schools, if there?s a school event, make sure that you?re displaying the right colors.?Banners by GraphicWorks Sign Company is guaranteed to match your exact school colors and is an awesome way to show school pride.

    School Events

    Especially during the summer, school events become more and more frequent. You might not have high school football games, but you do have graduations, reunions and soon-to-be freshmen. No matter how you’re involved with a school event, a banner is the perfect way to celebrate your school and the community of people who are part of it.

    Here are a couple of ways a banner can bring out the school pride at your events:


    If you?re the parent of a graduate, you want to celebrate their achievement in a big way. A personalized banner with your graduate?s name, their school colors and their mascot will make an impression. Hang it up in the house when your graduate comes home from their last day of school. They?ll be proud of themselves and feel appreciated. After that, you can keep it around and use it again in the back yard for a graduation party. Inside or out, banners are a great way to celebrate.

    Class Reunions

    If you?re organizing a class reunion, you?ll want to make sure that you?ve got just as much nostalgia as you do school pride. That might be a tough thing to accomplish if it?s been a while. Sometimes school colors change, but that won?t be a problem. Our digital printing technology will perfectly match the colors you want for your?banners. You?ll help bring out the school pride and bring back old memories.


    Make sure your school puts its best foot forward when you have potential students or incoming freshman visiting your school. The summer is a great time for schools to get new students used to their campuses and entice prospects without disrupting studies. A welcoming banner will help calm nerves and make visitors feel at home. It might also motivate some of the undecided.

    A Great Addition

    No matter what the event is, banners are a great way to add color and spice up the environment. If your event is school related, the right colors can add more than just a bit of fun. Your school colors can add nostalgia, pride and familiarity to your event and bring the most out of the people attending.

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