• Vinyl Graphics for Social Distancing and More
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    Posted on: September 18, 2020
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    As we adjust to the “new normal” your business is probably trying to figure out a lot at the moment. One major question on everyone’s mind is how to properly interact with others in public. It’s a difficult thing to navigate. Literally. Social distancing is a hard thing to physically navigate. How do you ensure that people know how far to stand away from others and how do you keep customers safely moving through your business? Vinyl graphics are a great way to guide your customers through your space in a safe way and help keep people six feet apart.

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    Vinyl floor graphics are a great option for a lot of impermanent directional signage. For instance, directing browsers to a sale in your store or toward a brand-new item on the shelves. But these days, they’re also great for marking out directions to ensure that you can keep track of how many people are in your store and that they’re moving in a way that keeps them from having to crowd together. By mapping out the directions people should be moving in your store, you can be sure that you aren’t exceeding safe numbers that allow people to keep apart in your store. It also keeps people from crossing paths too close and minimizes the risk of spreading COVID-19.


    Vinyl graphics are also great for clearly marking six-foot intervals for people who are waiting in lines to checkout or enter your store. A lot of businesses have opted for paper markers that can’t hold up to the heavy traffic of the areas where these signs are needed and many other homemade signs simply don’t look professional. Vinyl floor, window or wall graphics are a great option that will last for a while but also can be removed when we no longer have to worry about COVID.

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