• Wayfinding Signage Tips for Design and Display
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    Posted on: May 02, 2018
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Cities are complex places that cover large areas. In these cities, you will find tall buildings and structures. The tall buildings make it hard for you to see any physical feature that could help you find your direction. With the directional and wayfinding signs, you will find your way.

    The signs will work and serve their purpose if they have a nice design. Here are some tips for designing wayfinding signage and displaying them.

    Short message and information

    A good wayfinding sign should convey the message at a glance. Always look for a designer who knows the importance of consciousness. Make the sign simple and avoid complex words. Make sure that the words you use inform but also amuse the reader.

    The right colors

    The signs won’t be visible if you use dull colors. The good color contrast will make the sign visible from a distance. The design should also include night visible colors thus helping those who are traveling at night.

    Durable materials

    Wayfinding signs should last long. Always look for durable materials that won’t be affected by harsh weather conditions. For instance, well-treated wood will endure wet conditions. You can also enforce the poles wing concrete to make them strong and stable.

    Consistent names and materials

    Make sure that you use names in the right way. Routes and location should be referenced using the right names. If you are using colors to explain, always use the same ones in all your signs. Avoid words and names that may cause confusion.?

    Be Up to Date

    If anything changes on the way, make sure that your sign accommodates that. Always make sure that you visit the place where you placed your signs to see if they make sense.

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