• Ways to Shake Up Your Safety Signage
    Posted on: October 11, 2017
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Long gone are the days when safety and fun couldn’t be in the same sentence. Sometimes the seriousness of the topic requires emphasis, but it doesn’t have to sound boring.

    The compliance of regulatory and safety signs are essential for keeping customers, visitors and employees informed properly. This, however, doesn’t mean that the signs shouldn’t be interesting. Though some of the safety signs have firm legal requirements, others may reflect your brand’s personality and the decor.

    Here are some ways for shaking up the safety signage.


    Combine facility’s wayfinding with your branding and interior decor in a way to keep easy-to-read instructions. Identify exits and entrances clearly so people can know their way around. Think about using digital signage; it’s a great way to engage your visitors in finding their destination safely and quickly.


    Incorporate your branding with your parking look, so that people can identify it easily. Don’t forget to mark reserved parking spots, for example, ?Customer Only?, ?Employee of the Month?, etc. In case your parking area is large, use graphics and colors to help people in remembering where they have parked.


    It is necessary to communicate safety guidelines and community rules, but you can do the same in a fun and enjoyable way. Plain white and black signs are a thing of the past. Add graphics and colors related to your brand which also complement the decor. This will assist in making your brand’s identity stronger for sure.

    Unique Sign Materials.

    There is a wide array of unique applications and sign materials which can be used for complementing look and feel of your location. For the more rustic environment, you could use hanging wood signs; for a modern and sleek look, imaged glass is perfect; dimensional signage along with backlit lightning is a great choice if you want your signs to stick out. These are just a few of many materials you can use to promote safety and beauty at the same time.

    Safety signs are a prerequisite to protecting employees and visitors on a daily basis. Bringing these otherwise informative and dull signs to life with unique applications will assist in getting you noticed. This will also be beneficial for conferring a brand recognition.

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