• The Weitz Company Benefits from Hang Tags and Stickers in Denver CO
    Posted on: November 28, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Some sign companies only make the big bright signs you see outside of retail establishments, such as lightbox cabinets, channel letters, and monument signs. Or, they might also do interior markers, but it?s mostly just lobby signs or bathroom signs. Some may even do vehicle wraps. Well, Graphicworks Sign Company does all of the above and much more. The Weitz Company realized this, so they contacted us for hang tags and stickers in Denver CO.

    What Is The Weitz Company?

    hang tags and stickers in Denver COWith office locations throughout the United States, The Weitz Company is a full-service general contractor, construction manager, and design-builder that was founded in 1855 in Des Moines, Iowa. They provide construction expertise in four core product lines: heavy industrial, commercial, supply chain, and industrial. And, they have built projects in all 50 states. They believe they have been successful because of their commitment to value, complete customer satisfaction, and superior quality.

    When an organization that does so much to support development throughout our country came to us for hang tags and stickers in Denver CO, we were glad we could be of assistance. Weitz has a location on South Monaco Street in Denver, and representatives wanted to increase the exposure of their brand with a few useful items. We knew just what to do.

    What We Did for Weitz

    For most projects, we meet with the client and perform a site evaluation. Since Weitz was not looking to have a sign installed on their premises, there was not much need for the site survey. We just met with them and discussed what they had in mind for their project. They needed hang tags that featured their branding. They wanted the tags to be numbered, so they could keep track of them. Additionally, they wanted stickers for their apartment complex project, The Forum ~ Fitzsimons in Aurora.

    Based on their goals, we created art proofs of exactly what their decals and tags would look like. Once they approved the designs, we got down to work. As you can see from the picture, we used our wide-format digital printer to print out the stickers and tags. We then put them in more manageable stacks for the client. In the end, Weitz was completely satisfied with the work we did. Now, their branding is even more visible in the Denver area.

    Why Get Hang Tags and Stickers from Professionals?

    hang tags and stickers in Denver COYou can likely get a good deal on stickers from the many decal retailers online. They may even advertise fast turnaround times. But, from talking to clients, we have found these print jobs and materials lack quality. Of course, you should search for the cheapest solution available if you are not concerned about quality. On the other hand, when you want something nicer that will last a while, you usually get what you pay for in the sign industry.

    You should turn to Graphicworks Sign Company when you want stickers and hang tags that will do a good job of representing your brand and that can stand the test of time. Contact our friendly professional today for a free consultation.

    hang tags and stickers in Denver CO