• What You Need to Know before Purchasing Exterior Signs in Denver CO
    Posted on: October 24, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    If your business is moving to a new place, just starting out, or opening up additional locations, you will need new exterior signage. If it is your first time buying signs, you may have no idea where to start. Whether you go with Graphicworks Sign Company or not, we want to make sure you have a positive sign shopping experience. That is why we have come up with a few questions you should be sure to ask when choosing a sign shop for exterior signs in Denver CO.

    Do You Have Experience Designing and Fabricating This Kind of Sign?

    exterior signs in Denver COYour sign project should not be the sign company?s first shot at making the type of marker you want. Be sure to ask to see examples of similar signs they have done in the past. Graphicworks is upfront about our background in manufacturing a variety of exterior signs.

    Can You Update the Markers if My Company?s Name Changes?

    If you want to include your tenant names, website, or phone number directly on your sign and are unsure if this information could change in the future, you might want to have these parts of the sign done in vinyl, as an overlay, or as an insert panel to allow for future revisions. Plus, your multi-tenant marker or directory needs to be easy to update. This is where lightbox cabinets and post and panels signs come in handy.

    Do These Exterior Signs Have a Good Return on Investment?

    exterior signs in Denver COExterior signs generally get you an excellent ROI no matter what your budget is. This is because they market your enterprise at all hours of the day and night. Your ROI will depend on the sign?s overall design, visibility, and how well it represents your company?s brand. Consult with a sign professional and let them give you their suggestions based on their experience to make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

    Where Will My Sign Be Most Visible?

    The location and visibility of your marker will determine how successful your sign project is. A good sign maker can find locations where your marker will catch the eyes of the most consumers.

    How Long Do Exterior Signs Last?

    exterior signs in Denver COThe materials used for your marker will determine how long-lasting your signage is. Despite the many innovations in the sign industry, no substrate on the market lasts forever. However, most businesses can go more than a decade without needing to replace or repair their signs. When you repair vinyl, clean your sign, and keep electrical components in working order, you can extend the life of your sign. We are here to assist you with maintenance needs.

    Does the Quote Include ALL Costs?

    Completing your signage project may require extra work at your site. Before giving our customers an all-inclusive quote, we perform a site evaluation and take measurements to make certain we are not missing any expenses.

    When you contact our friendly professionals for a free quote on exterior signs in Denver CO, we will answer all of these questions and more. Call today!

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