• Where Should Use 3D Letter Signs?
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    Posted on: March 22, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    There are some types of signage that draw people to your place of business. Large, bright, well-lit signs outside of your facility will grab attention and bring people to your door, but once they?re in your door, it?s important that your branding remains consistent and that your interior is as attractive as your outdoor displays.? 3D letter signs are a great way to add a consistent, branded look to your office or workspace. These signs add a professional look to your space, but where should you put them?

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    One of the best places for 3D letter signs is your lobby or waiting area. This type of signage is great for welcoming visitors, customers, clients, partners, and new employees and making sure they know your name. Especially if you operate out of a building with other tenants, this can be a great way to reassure those walking in your doors that they have found their desired location. On top of this identification, this type of signage will immediately send the message that you care about your business and that you care about professionalism. These sleek signs stick out from the wall they’re mounted on, adding just the right amount of flair without being overwhelming.

    Conference Room

    Another great place for 3D letter signs is your board room, conference room, or meeting room. Some businesses neglect meeting rooms because they?re not always used. It?s easy to leave this kind of space empty. But it?s important that you make an impression in meetings, especially if you have a potential client on the line. This type of signage can do just that. 3D letter signs can extend your branding through your office space and into your meeting room, making sure that you?re giving a professional, consistent, and appealing impression where it matters most.

    3D Letter Signs | Arvada CO


    Speaking of extending your brand throughout your space, 3D letter signs are also great for identifying departments or specific spaces in your facility. Especially if you have a larger space that may be difficult to navigate, these signs can be a great way to boldly identify specific places that guests, clients, or even employees may need to locate. If you keep the look of these signs consistent with those you use in your lobby and your meeting room, you can have a continuous, branded look that will leave a strong impression on anyone who sets foot in your spaces. This will give an impression of care and continuity that will make your business appealing.

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