• Why Your Brand Matters (Especially for Your Signage)
    Posted on: November 20, 2020
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    As a business owner, you hopefully know how valuable your brand is. But do you know why? Branding is usually a major foundation of a business, a cornerstone that begins the building process and gives you a solid jumping-off point as you grow and develop. And it’s incredibly important in regards to your signage because your signage is one of the most visible parts of your business. Here are the three major reasons your brand is an important part of your business.

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    Makes You Stand Out

    The first and most obvious reason your brand is valuable is because it helps you stand out in a crowded market and helps you establish your unique take on your business. Your brand is the first and clearest way you show your clientele that your business should be their clear choice. Even if your product is far superior to your competitor or your prices are much more affordable, your customer’s first interaction isn’t often with your product, it’s with your brand. So, your brand must show that you’re unique. Your brand is what really makes you different from your competitors, so you better make sure that it represents who you are.

    Encourages Your Employees and Builds Workplace Community

    A strong brand gives employees a sense of communal pride and joy in their work. A brand is an umbrella image, encompassing all the best parts of your business. That image gives your employees a clear sense of who you are and who they are when they’re representing the brand. It also encourages your employees to be proud of their work and that positive image and create a sense of community amongst your employees. Basically, a good brand with a positive message and a distinct style can unite your employees and ensure that your team is truly a team, working hard to a unified goal.

    Builds a Relationship with Your Customers

    Aside from usually being one of the first points of contact with your customers, your brand also is your public face. The more recognizable a brand is and the more familiar your customers are with that brand, the more they trust you. Your brand is your name and your image and when your customers get used to that name and that image, they feel like they know you and that they can trust your business and the products or services you provide.

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    Your Signage

    When it comes to your signage, branding is everything. You need to make sure your signs are clearly communicating that brand because your brand is a major part of your relationship with those who make your business successful, your customers and your employees. And your signs are one of the most visible places that brand can be displayed. Essentially your signage is the tool that ensures your branding is doing all the work you need it to do.

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