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    Posted on: January 11, 2019
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Winter is not the same everywhere. So, you need to make sure that your signs are still doing their job during the winter months. Here are a few tips for winter signage.

    Illumination is a Good Idea

    During the winter, we have more hours of darkness. That means your signs will be harder to see. If you want to really make a difference for your business this winter and all year round, illuminated signs are a great option. Illuminated signs make sure that just because the day is shorter, you?re not losing business. When people are commuting to and from work in the dark every day, illuminated signs can make all the difference. Whether they?re helping people find your location once the sun has set, or just making sure they?re seeing your brand, illuminated signs are a great way to make the most of any season, but specifically winter.

    Height Helps with Snow

    If you get a lot of snow during the winter months, you should invest in signs with some height. That doesn?t necessarily mean you need signs that are thirty feet tall but having a post and panel sign attached to your building eight feet above the ground can make a big difference if your only storefront signage during a snowstorm is a sandwich board or something similar. Snow drifts can even cover parts of monument signs, obscuring your name and phone number. This means it may be a good idea for you to consider taller signs.

    Appeal More to Vehicle Traffic

    If you rely on foot traffic, you may find that your business suffers as the weather gets colder. It?s a good idea to make sure your signage is visible to more than just pedestrians if you live in a climate where winters get bitter cold. Appealing to foot traffic is great for any business, but during the winter there is a considerable decrease in the amount of people on foot. So, it?s a good idea to have sing that appeal to pedestrians, as well as people in their vehicles.

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