• You Need an Office Directory
    Posted on: June 11, 2020
    Posted by: Graphicworks Staff

    Have you ever walked into a building for an appointment and panicked because you had no clue if it was the right building? And time is running short. And there must be twenty offices just on the first floor. And you can?t check your email because you don?t have service on your phone. And you wish there were some way to find the right office or just had some assurance that the business you?re looking for is in the building! Well, the best way to make sure your visitors never feel this way is with an office directory from GraphicWorks!

    Monument Signs in Colorado

    Office directories are a great way to let people know what businesses or organizations use the offices in a large office complex or multi-office building. They can be simple with just a list of names on them (great for outdoor directories) or more detailed with names and office numbers and other important details (great for indoor directories). Our team can create great displays that will inform visitors as well as match the colors and look you use in your office building. The signs can also be made with fonts that work with any branding throughout your space and that are easy to read.

    Recently, GraphicWorks got to work with a local law firm, creating an outdoor directory that displayed the names of the attorneys and law offices in the building. The law firm we worked with, Hartigan Law Office, is a law firm founded on the values of Service, Compassion and Rights for All. They specialize in criminal defense and defending individuals who have had their civil rights violated. We were happy to work with Hartigan Law who serve the Denver community so well.

    office directory | Arvada CO

    The directory we installed was designed to be prestigious and professional, combining dark and bright, high-contrast colors for easy reading but also maintaining a solid and serious look.

    If you?re interested in a directory for your office space, contact the GraphicWorks team today!