• If You’re Considering Mobile Marketing, Read Our Vehicle Wrap FAQs
    Posted on: October 07, 2016
    Posted by: Brad Block

    Vehicle wraps are all the rage these days among private car owners who want to show off their personality and organizations looking to boost their brand awareness. This has led to a lot of phone calls to our headquarters. To clear the air and answer questions you may have, we have put together these vehicle wrap FAQs:

    What Are Vehicle Wraps?

    vehicle wrap FAQsVinyl wraps come in any size, shape, or color. A full car wrap covers the entire surface of your van, truck, car, boat, trailer, or any other vehicle you may have. On the other hand, partial wraps only cover specific portions of your vehicle with vinyl while working with your paint job to create a backdrop for the full design. Wraps use vinyl adhesive films that were specifically made for use on vehicles. The wrap conforms to the shape of your car thanks to our specialized equipment.

    Will a Wrap Destroy My Paint Job?

    Since the vinyl films used for car wraps are made with removable adhesives that do not cause damage, vehicle wrap materials will not hurt your factory paint job as long as it was in good condition to begin with. In fact, due to its protective properties, your car wrap may actually help with your vehicle?s resale value. In other words, the wrap will absorb some of the nicks and scratches your paint job would have normally endured.

    How Much Do Wraps Cost?

    vehicle wrap FAQsWhen picking a wrap, there are virtually endless alternatives. The main determinants of how much your graphics will cost are how many contours your vehicle has, the size of your automobile, whether you choose solid versus printed vinyl, the type and color of vinyl, and many other factors. A wrap will cost you somewhere between $2,500 and $5,000 most of the time. But, for a more accurate quote, you should contact us.

    Can Vehicle Wraps Really Market My Business?

    Let?s take a look at the numbers. If your target demographic does not change the channel and happens to be listening at the right time, a radio advertisement will promote your business for 30 seconds. When you choose pay-per-click ads online, consumers with ad blocker will not see your ad, and if they do, it will be listed next to your competitors? ads. And, billboards cost thousands of dollars per month and only reach the people who drive by them.

    In contrast, as you drive the streets of the Denver metropolitan area, your vehicle graphics will reach tens of thousands of impressions each day. Even when you are parked in front of your building, you are advertising at all hours of the day and night. Plus, wraps last for up to five years.

    Areas We Serve

    vehicle wrap FAQsGraphicworks Sign Company proudly provides vehicle wrap design, printing, installation, and repair services for the communities of Golden, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, Lakewood, and the rest of the Denver metropolitan area from our shop in Arvada, Colorado. If we did not address your questions in our vehicle wrap FAQs, please contact our friendly experts today for a free consultation.

    vehicle wrap FAQs